Visit a British garden or two, or why not a hundred?

If you like me, live in a house and have your own private garden, it’s always fascinating to peek into other gardens in the neigbourhood or watch garden shows on TV. 

One of my favourites is the programme on the National Garden Scheme in the UK. I’m impressed by the dedication of  amateur gardeners who strive to get accepted in the scheme  and the hard work that goes into it. I would never have the patience!! And to be honest, it’s usually my husband who does the hard work in our garden, I just come up with ideas and a ‘wishlist’… 

This year, over 800 gardens (!), some in every county of England and Wales, will  open to the public on the weekend of 15 and 16 June in the National Garden Scheme’s first ever National Gardens Weekend. Quite a few to visit if you are dedicated fan!!

The weekend is designed to raise awareness of the scheme, whereby private gardens, not generally open to the public, throw open their gates on one or two days a year, to raise money for charity (while a number of gardens which do open regularly to the public, also dedicate the proceeds on one or two set days, to the charity). 

 This year a record 3850 gardens will open throughout the year, including nearly 600 which are new or “returning” to the scheme.  The scheme attracts serious gardeners – for example there are 80 plant heritage collections among the openings – as well as more amateurs so this is very much an opportunity for an enjoyable day out with friends and family. An indication of this is that while 2453 offer plants for sale, even more (2750) offer tea and home-made cakes! Yum, yum!!

More info on, or buy “The Yellow Book” as the book of dates and openings is known,  and see what is open when you are visiting a particular part of the country.


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