Top tips for family fun in London

As you will have seen in my previous posts. Me and my family had a fantastic weekend in London. Here’s my top tips on how to make it fun and memorable for everyone!

1. Get a decent sized hotel room, Look for Premier Inn or other chain hotels that cater for families. Apartments are another option. Compared to travelling as a couple or by yourself, you will be in the hotel more, so get a comfortable decent sized room.

2. Location, Location, Location, isn’t as important as in other cities, but make sure you are close to an underground station or even better a good bus route (my kids loved riding on the double-decker buses)

3. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Pick max three activities/attractions per day – and everyone will be able to enjoy each experience.

4. Research before travelling and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Check out our website also look at – when you are in London make friends with the concierge at the hotel, they are generally very helpful,  as are policemen, taxi drivers, people working for sightseeing companies and really Londoners in general.

5. If you want to eat at a good restaurant at the weekend, it’s a good idea to reserve a table, I use but there are lots of alternatives.

6. Some attractions might need to be booked in advance, for example the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour. You can buy tickets here.

7. Getting around London. It’s easy by bus or tune, you can buy on the day at underground stations, but you should also check out buying in advance, . London cabs are not expensive for short journeys and are part of the experience.

8. Take in a show. Going to see a musical in London is a fantastic experience, you can get discounted tickets on the day, but if you want to guarantee a good seat and the show you want, book in advance online.

9. If you are going for afternoon tea, have it on the same day as you go to the theatre/musical. It saves you from rushing dinner pre-theatre (as you probably won’t be hungry).

10. Go now! The pound is cheaper than it has been for 20 years.