British post boxes are turning gold

I think this is so cool! Some of the British iconic red post boxes are turning gold this summer!

Royal Mail repainted them during the Olympics to celebrate every Team GB gold medal win and they will do the same during the Paralympics, which starts tomorrow on 29 August. 

It’s acutally the first time a country  paints its post boxes gold to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic gold medal wins. About time! :-)

The gold post boxes are located in the home towns of the gold medallists wherever possible and  the transformation happen within days of a gold medal win.

Until now, red has been the standard colour for UK boxes from 1874, with a few exceptions….

A Golden time to visit Britain (as always)….


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  • James - Tuesday, September 4, 2012

    Great site!

    I kind of liked the old, red boxes, but of course gold looks fab too. :)