Team of the week: Birmingham

This week’s team is Birmingham City! Birmingham is the second biggest city in England, and ‘the Blues’ play their home matches at St. Andrews. The Birmingham fans are called the Bluenoses. A group of infamous Hooligans called “Zulu” have attached themselves to the club, especially during the Birmingham derbys against Villa and the Wolves.

This season, Birmingham has bought several new players; Johnson, Dann, Espinoza, Ferguson, Benitez, Hart and Bowyer. The Swede Sebastian Larsson came from Arsenal in 2006 and has played from Birmingham since. Larsson is an important midfielder on the team, along with Lee Bowyer and Barry Ferguson.

Bowyer is a battling football player that can score goals. Ferguson on the other hand got kicked out of the Scottish national team as well as from Blackburn after a drinking incident in April this year. This is a chance for him to get a new start, -how do you think he will do this season playing for Birmingham?

Birmingham is playing Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow, – who do you think will score the first goal?

Get to know England’s second largest city

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  • Magnus - Sunday, November 8, 2009

    I think Torres will score the first goal, if he is playing.. If he isn´t Yossi will score it!